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A funeral home for pets 

One on One Care: All cremations at Forever Remembered are performed by Jen and her son Samuel. There is no middle man or outside service involvement. All cremations are performed on site, one at a time.
Urns by Jen: Jen enjoys making urns that allow you to express the individuality of your pet. She makes them one at a time so that each one is different. We have plenty of urns to choose from including small keepsakes, jewelry, urns that are made by New Jersey wood workers and plenty of biodegradable options. We can also give you options if you would like to grow plants  
                       with your cremains.
This is an extra memorial item and is not included in package pricing.
Pre-arrangement: If your pet has not been feeling well and your vet has suggested euthanasia, or if you know that your pet is terminally ill, we can help you to pre-arrange a disposition for your pet so that when the time comes, there is less stress for  everyone involved.
Removal: We can pick up your pet from the veterinarian’s office or from your home on a limited basis and according to our daily schedule.  Distances over 20 miles are outside of our removal area. 
Private Cremation: W​e do NOT perform semi-private, individual, segregated, group or communal cremations. We only perform PRIVATE cremations meaning ONE animal in the chamber at a time. We are now offering video certified cremations so that pet owners can know they are receiving a completely private cremation. For pet owners who do not wish to have their cremains returned, we only charge a nominal fee and they are interred at Abbey Glen. The cremation for this service is still PRIVATE.
Ways of Disposition: We have plenty of urns to choose from including small keepsakes, jewelry, urns made locally in New Jersey and plenty of biodegradable options.  We can  also can help with a special mixture of soil that will encourage plant growth with your cremains. Even if your cremains are older, we can still help you to memorialize your pet in a new way. 
Special Shipping Requests: We can ship your cremains to anywhere in the United States using United States Postal Regulations. If you need to go out of town and want your cremains shipped to you, we will ship by mail and will track the shipment as it leaves our facility. Please know that we will take the greatest care in packing your cremains and will follow the shipment process. We want to be sure that you have received your cremains in the timeliest way possible.
Our Facility: We have recently remodeled an old post office in the area and turned it into a beautiful, peaceful funeral home for pets. Our cremation chamber (retort) is a brand new state of the art, environmentally friendly unit that is maintained regularly. We also have a viewing room in our facility so that owners can know for sure they are receiving a completely private cremation. You can stay and watch the process from beginning to end and Jen will explain each part of the process.
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