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We offer a higher standard of care here at Forever Remembered Pet Cremation. From the time of the removal, to the time of the cremation, we will treat your pet with the utmost respect and dignity. We do not perform group cremations. We only perform private cremations and allow for a viewing of the process in our facility. We offer same day return of cremains if your pet is  
                       received early enough, and no later than 24 hours.
Jen Steinman, who owns and operates Forever Remembered Pet Cremation, is a licensed funeral director for the state of New Jersey (#4937). Jen has high credentials and has had many years of education and training.
We offer video /  photo certified cremation. Now you can know for sure that your pet was cremated completely privately if you are unable to be present. We do NOT perform semi-private or group cremations. We only perform private cremations and are a transparent facility so that pet owners can understand the process from the  
                     beginning till completion.
For those who do not wish to have their cremains returned, we take the cremains and inter them in our garden. The cremation for this service is still private. 
While others may try to copy our business practice, please know that we are not affiliated with any franchise or corporation. We are a privately owned and operated New Jersey business. We draw on our own originality and creativity for making the entire memorial experience unique to you and your family.
Our urns are made to suit the personality of your pet. Most are unique and one of a kind. If you do not see an urn that you like that is already in our display, we can make you one that will help memorialize your pet. What we offer online is  
                     completely different than what we offer at our facility. We use local New    
                     Jersey woodworkers and carpenters and believe in the power of supporting      
                     small business.
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